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Schynige Platte is seventh heaven for hikers and nature lovers and offers perfect panoramic views over the surrounding valleys.


Restaurant staff WILDERSWIL - BREITLAUENEN - SCYHNIGE PLATTE -- Trail nos.57/58, approx. 4.5 hrs

The trail climbs very steeply to Breitlauenen, then less so up to Schynige Platte. From Wilderswil, the steep trail leads mostly through shady mountain forest to Breitlauenen. Once at Breitlauenen, the hike develops a fascination all of its own with constantly changing views down into the Lütschine and Aare Valleys. From Breitlauenen, the trail climbs less steeply to Schynige Platte.

The views from Schynige Platte are simply stunning, so close to the majestic Bernese Oberland giants, the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau. Hiking time: Wilderswil – Breitlauenen 3 hrs / Breitlauenen – Schynige Platte 1 hr 30 min

schynige to first SCHYNIGE PLATTE - FAULHORN - FIRST -- Trail no.62, approx 6hrs 10m

The classic high-Alpine hike. A demanding trail requiring a good basic level of fitness! The last descents by the Schynige Platte Railway and First Aerial Cableway are between 17.00 and 18.00 hrs according to season! People frequently underestimate their hiking time, forgetting to include time for rest breaks!

The trail climbs steadily from Schynige Platte, passing the Mändlenen hut, to the Faulhorn summit. It then leads down to Lake Bachalpsee before continuing almost level to the First summit station. Fantastic views of the summits and glaciers of the Bernese Alps along the entire route! Special: Spend the night at the Faulhorn Mountain Hotel and split this rather long tour into two easy stages. Guided hikes by moonlight are offered in July and August, on weekends near full moon. More information on this website at: Offers/Events. Hiking time: 6 hrs 10 min BOOK TICKETS

kneipp KNEIPP

Basic rules
A warm body is essential for cold water treatment. Never step into the water with cold feet. Warm up before hand with gymnastics or walking. Never carry out two treatments at the same time: A two hour interval is recommended.

Walk slowly through the water in a stalk-like motion, alternately raising one foot completely out of the water and keeping the tips of your toes pointing downwards. After 30 - maximum 60 seconds, wipe the water from your legs and feet but do not dry. Warm up by walking on the grass and then put on warm socks.

Stimulates blood circulation and matabolism, strengthens veins, bolsters immune system and improves overall wellness.

Not recommended for:
People suffering from kidney or bladder ailments and advanced circulatory disorders.

Use of the facility is at own risk. Parents are legally responsible for their children. Please keep dogs away from the facility [use by dogs strictly prohibited].

schynige walks ALPINE GARDEN -- Alpine garden and panorama walks, 0.5 - 2.5 hrs

In the course of the summer, the entire wealth of Swiss Alpine flora, around 600 different species, can be admired in the garden; however, the vegetation and flowering periods are strongly dependent on outside influences. For this reason, we give approximate periods for the blossoming periods of selected species in our flowering calendar. The likelihood of seeing a species in bloom is highest in the middle of the given blossoming period. SEE CALENDAR


As the last snows melt in the Alpine Garden, the cherries are already ripening in the valley. The mountain spring begins with masses of soldanellas and crocuses, followed by alpine pasque flower and trumpet gentians. june flowers


This is the time when alpine flora is at its most fabulous. Alpen roses, silvery-leaved milfoil, alpine poppies and alpine asters light up the lush green meadows with sumptuous shades of red, white, yellow and blue. july flowers


The meadows of rusty sedge and blue sesleria are now at their most magnificent, dotted with edelweiss, martagon lilies and yellow gentiants. Many species of plants are still in full bloom. august flowers


An abundance of blossoming tall forbs with aconites, bluew thistle and willow gentian combine with scent of trailing willows to herald the onset of autumn and the end of the Alpine Garden growing season. september flowers ALPEN GARDEN SITE

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